How to Create Destination Guides for Hotel Marketers

Introduction to Crafting Engaging Destination Guides

In the competitive world of hospitality, standing out to potential guests before they even book their stay is crucial. Destination Guides offer a unique opportunity to showcase your hotel’s insider knowledge and connect with travelers on a deeper level. This comprehensive guide provides hotel marketers with actionable strategies to create Destination Guides that not only captivate but also convert.

Why Destination Guides Are Key to Your Marketing Strategy

  1. Enhance Guest Experience: Offering travelers a curated list of must-see destinations and local secrets directly impacts their stay, turning a good vacation into a great one.
  2. Establish Your Hotel as a Local Authority: By sharing detailed insights into the local area, your hotel positions itself as the go-to source for everything guests need to know.
  3. Drive Direct Bookings: Engaging potential guests with compelling content about the destination can inspire them to book directly with you, ensuring they don’t miss out on the unique experiences you highlight.
  4. Repurpose Content Across Channels: Destination Guides provide rich content that can be leveraged in social media posts, email campaigns, and on your website, attracting a wider audience and encouraging repeat visits.

Optimizing Your Destination Guide for SEO

Keyword Research and Implementation: Begin by identifying keywords that potential guests might use when searching for travel tips in your area. Tools like Google Keyword Planner can help you find relevant terms such as “things to do in [Destination]” or “[Destination] travel guide.” Incorporate these keywords naturally into your headings, subheadings, and throughout the content to improve your guide’s search engine ranking.

Enhancing Readability for Better Engagement: Use short paragraphs, bullet points, and subheadings to make your content more accessible, especially for mobile users. This not only improves user experience but also helps search engines better understand and rank your content.

Internal and External Linking: Linking to other relevant articles on your website can keep readers engaged longer, while citing authoritative external sources can add credibility and potentially attract backlinks, boosting your site’s SEO.

Content Ideas for Your Destination Guide

  • Cultural Insights: Share the secrets of your destination’s culture, from hidden gems to local festivals and traditions.
  • Seasonal Activities: Offer guides tailored to the time of year, showcasing the best seasonal activities and events.
  • Culinary Journey: Highlight local dining experiences, including where to find the best street food, local specialties, and recipes from renowned chefs.
  • Visual Wonders: Create content around the most Instagrammable spots, offering visual storytelling that entices visitors to explore and share their experiences.

Content Examples for Your Destination Guide

Cultural Exploration and Local Insights

  • Things you didn’t know about DESTINATION
  • Our favorite local markets in DESTINATION
  • Off the beaten path places in DESTINATION
  • Ultimate guide to NEIGHBOURHOOD: What to drink, eat, see, and do
  • Where the locals hang out
  • Local activities you have to see/try
  • Best local classes in DESTINATION
  • Know before you go: Local Traditions
  • X historic sites you cannot miss in DESTINATION
  • X of DESTINATION’s most famous landmarks

Seasonal and Timely Activities

  • Things to do in January, February, March, April, etc.
  • The ultimate weekend itinerary for DESTINATION
  • 3-day weekend itinerary for DESTINATION
  • One week itinerary for DESTINATION

Culinary Journey

  • Food recipes from chef
  • Dessert recipes
  • Cocktail recipes from head bartender/chef/etc.
  • Where to buy the best LOCAL ITEM in DESTINATION

Romantic and Celebration Ideas

  • Celebrate your Birthday in DESTINATION
  • Make your anniversary memorable in DESTINATION
  • Most romantic places to propose in DESTINATION
  • X places to get married in DESTINATION
  • Bachelor(ette) party weekend guide

Family and Group Travel

  • Planning a Family Reunion in DESTINATION
  • College Reunion in DESTINATION
  • Things to do with kids in DESTINATION
  • Top kid-friendly attractions in DESTINATIONS

Lifestyle and Special Interests

  • X Cafes to work from in DESTINATION
  • X Popular Coworking Spaces in DESTINATION
  • Best Women’s clothing stores in DESTINATION
  • Best Men’s clothing stores in DESTINATION
  • Best Toy stores in DESTINATION
  • Souvenir Shops to check out in DESTINATION

Practical Travel Tips

  • How to get around like a local
  • How to get around in DESTINATION
  • X Tourist Traps in DESTINATION
  • What to pack when travelling to DESTINATION
  • Mobile Apps to use in DESTINATION
  • X things LGBTQ+ Travelers should know
  • X things Female Travelers should know

Visual and Instagrammable Guides

  • X most instagrammable spots in DESTINATION
  • Where to find the best views in DESTINATION
  • Best Museums in DESTINATION
  • Best Art Galleries in DESTINATION
  • Coolest architecture in DESTINATION
  • Best street art in DESTINATION
  • X places more beautiful at night in DESTINATION
  • X hidden places in DESTINATION that are absolutely picture perfect
  • Where to watch the sunrise/sunset

Additional Ideas

  • How to visit all the theme parks in DESTINATION
  • X most beautiful public parks in DESTINATION

Enhance Your Hotel’s Appeal with a Destination Guide

Now that you understand the importance of Destination Guides and how to optimize them for SEO, it’s time to start creating. Engage potential guests with your insider knowledge, and watch as your bookings increase. For more tips on enhancing your hotel’s marketing strategy, subscribe to our newsletter and never miss an update.


Creating a Destination Guide is more than just providing a list of places to visit; it’s about crafting an experience that begins the moment potential guests start their search. By following these SEO strategies and focusing on engaging, informative content, your hotel can significantly enhance its online presence, attract more visitors, and ultimately, increase bookings.


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