How To Showcase User-Generated Content For Gen Z Across Your Hotel

Many hotels are realizing the power of user-generated content in attracting and engaging with Gen Z guests. Leveraging authentic and relatable content created by your hotel’s visitors can greatly enhance your marketing efforts and help connect with the younger demographic. In this post, we will explore effective strategies for showcasing user-generated content across your hotel to appeal to Gen Z travelers and enhance their overall experience.

How to Encourage User-Generated Content

Creating a Content-Friendly Environment

There’s a simple way to encourage guests to create user-generated content during their stay at your hotel – create a content-friendly environment. Make sure your hotel’s common areas are Instagrammable, with unique decor, beautiful views, and interesting art installations. Provide opportunities for guests to take photos, such as with designated photo spots or selfie walls. By making your hotel visually appealing and photo-worthy, you can easily inspire guests to share their experiences on social media platforms.

Incentivizing Guests to Share Their Experiences

You can further encourage guests to share their experiences by offering incentives. This could be as simple as running a contest where guests who post photos using a specific hashtag are entered to win a free night’s stay or a complimentary meal at your hotel’s restaurant. By providing a tangible reward for sharing their experiences, guests will be more motivated to create user-generated content and engage with your hotel online.

Experiences like these not only incentivize guests to share their stay but also help create a sense of community and loyalty among your guests. Encourage them to tag your hotel in their posts and engage with their content to build a strong relationship and encourage repeat visits.

Tips for Curating User-Generated Content

If you want to effectively showcase user-generated content across your hotel to capture the attention of Gen Z, you need to curate the content thoughtfully. Here are some tips to help you make the most of user-generated content:

  • Establish quality criteria for selection
  • Utilize hashtags and social media feeds

Knowing how to curate user-generated content will not only showcase your guests’ experiences but also help you create an engaging digital presence that resonates with Gen Z.

Establishing Quality Criteria for Selection

One of the key aspects of curating user-generated content is establishing quality criteria for selection. Ensure that the content you choose aligns with your brand values, showcases unique experiences, and is visually appealing. By setting clear criteria, you can maintain a consistent and high-quality showcase of user-generated content across your hotel’s digital platforms.

Utilizing Hashtags and Social Media Feeds

Social media plays a crucial role in amplifying user-generated content. By utilizing relevant hashtags and incorporating social media feeds on your website or digital channels, you can increase visibility and encourage guests to share their experiences. Harness the power of social media platforms to create a dynamic and interactive showcase of user-generated content.

Plus, leveraging user-generated content from social media can also help you keep your content fresh and diverse, showing potential guests the authentic experiences and perspectives of others who have visited your hotel.

Factors to Consider When Showcasing Content

Unlike traditional marketing tactics, showcasing user-generated content for Gen Z across your hotel requires a unique approach. This generation values authentic and real content over polished advertisements. It’s crucial to consider factors that can make your content resonate with this audience, such as relevance, transparency, and engagement. By understanding these key factors, you can create a successful user-generated content strategy that appeals to Gen Z travelers.

Platform-Specific Strategies

Platform-specific strategies are vital when showcasing user-generated content for Gen Z. Each social media platform has its own unique features and audience demographics, so it’s vital to tailor your content accordingly. Whether it’s leveraging Instagram’s visual appeal or engaging with customers through TikTok’s short videos, understanding how to optimize your content for each platform is key to reaching Gen Z effectively.

Aligning Content with Brand Image

Assuming that the content shared by your guests aligns with your brand image is a common mistake. It’s important to curate and select content that not only reflects your brand values but also resonates with Gen Z travelers. By aligning user-generated content with your brand image, you can build trust and credibility with your target audience while showcasing authentic experiences that appeal to them.

The more cohesive your content is with your brand image, the stronger the connection you’ll create with your audience. This alignment can help generate brand loyalty and advocacy among Gen Z travelers who prioritize authenticity and transparency in their decision-making process.

Integrating User-Generated Content Across Marketing Channels

Digital Integration: Websites and Email Campaigns

Keep your digital platforms fresh and engaging by integrating user-generated content across your hotel’s website and email campaigns. User photos, reviews, and social media posts can add authenticity and credibility to your online presence, helping to attract Gen Z travelers who value real experiences and peer recommendations.

Offline Utilization: In-Hotel Displays and Print Materials

Even in the digital age, offline marketing strategies can still be highly effective. Utilize user-generated content in your in-hotel displays and print materials to create a more personalized and relatable experience for guests. Posters, brochures, and displays featuring guests’ photos and testimonials can help build trust and loyalty among your younger audience.

This offline integration of user-generated content not only enhances the overall guest experience but also serves as a powerful marketing tool. By showcasing real guest experiences and testimonials in physical spaces within your hotel, you are reinforcing the authenticity and value of your brand, making a lasting impression on Gen Z travelers.

Measuring the Impact of User-Generated Content

Tracking Engagement Metrics

If you want to understand the impact of user-generated content on your hotel’s marketing efforts, tracking engagement metrics is crucial. These metrics can include likes, shares, comments, and views on social media platforms, as well as the amount of time users spend interacting with the content. By analyzing these metrics, you can gain insights into how well your user-generated content is resonating with your target audience and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Analyzing Conversion Rates

If you are looking to measure the effectiveness of user-generated content in driving conversions for your hotel, analyzing conversion rates is key. This involves tracking the number of bookings, inquiries, or other desired actions that can be directly attributed to user-generated content. By comparing conversion rates from different sources, such as user-generated content versus traditional marketing efforts, you can determine the true impact of user-generated content on your hotel’s bottom line.

Plus, consider using tracking tools like Google Analytics to monitor website traffic and behavior flow, enabling you to see if users who engage with user-generated content are more likely to convert compared to those who do not. This data can help you optimize your user-generated content strategy for maximum conversion potential.


Following this guide on how to showcase user-generated content for Gen Z across your hotel, it is evident that leveraging authentic, relatable content created by your guests can significantly impact your marketing efforts. Gen Z values transparency, authenticity, and peer recommendations, making user-generated content a powerful tool to attract and engage this demographic. By implementing strategies such as creating social media campaigns, utilizing influencers, optimizing your website, and fostering a community-driven approach, you can effectively showcase user-generated content and appeal to the preferences of Gen Z travelers. Incorporating these tactics will not only enhance your brand reputation but also drive higher engagement and bookings among the influential Gen Z demographic.


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